DevLog#000 – Hello World

Hello there!

As I’m now fully committed to my idea, I thought I would introduce myself. I’m a programmer from Poland and I’ve been learning how to code since I was a kid. I’ve recently left my job, to pursue the dream of being a full-time indie developer.

I’ve always wanted to make games. Though, I also really like making tools for them. I’ve started with BlitzMax, an interesting Basic-like language that focused on game development. I’ve learnt some OpenGL with it, then went on, to some JS/TypeScript to finally end up with C# as a language of choice, with Unity3D handling rendering for me.

Professionally, I’ve worked for 4 years, as a Gameplay Programmer on Gwent: The Witcher Card game at CDProjekt Red.

I’m also a huge fan of procedural generation, hence, the company name!

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